Women’s Empowerment Day marked by Al-Burhan

The festive spirit was unmistakable as girl students rejoiced with a myriad    activities to mark the Women’s empowerment Day marked by Al-Burhan which is a literary fest of Urdu Dept. of BURHANI COLLEGE:  Dr. Qasim Imam, Head of the Department of Urdu said that the main objective of the event was to honor girl students from across the state by letting them express through poetry, slogans, jingles and posters. All of them intended to highlight women’s issues.


The programme was aptly titled “respecting women is respecting Human Rights”. Whatever their mode of expression, they shared their wisdom, experiences and determinations, coming together as one .To celebrate women’s artistic achievements, as installations, mixed media, paintings and poster viewings offering a wide array of art forms to feed every person’s taste.


The exhibition of Students’ creative expressions was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr .Rajan M. Welukar who later addressed the staff & the students on gender equality & a strong need to ensure that the women’s rights are not denied to any woman whichever part of the globe she may be in.  

The hallmark of the event was the commanding presence of the Commissioner of Police, Dr .Satyapal Singh who addressed the packed hall, mostly with girls, on the urgency to re-strengthen ‘women’s rights as the focal point of Human Rights.’ He urged the girls to report security threats fearlessly whenever they find it threatened. Dr. Satyapal Singh’s address was very reassuring for the staff and especially for the young girl students who mostly internalize their fears & security threats.

The programme was graced by the Management Members Janab Shamoil Bhaisaheb, Mr.Yusuf Muchhala,Mr.Abuzar Zkir,Mr.Shoeb Currim & Mr.Y.M.Choonawalla.

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