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Library Seminar on LIS Profession: Emerging Trends and Challenges

A one day seminar on ‘LIS Profession: Emerging Trends and Challenges’ was organized by Burhani College of Commerce and Arts, Mazgaon in association with SHPT School of Library Science PSA of SNDT Women’s University on 4th July 2013. Total 37 Librarians from different sectors had attended the seminar. The main objective of seminar was to identify issues and challenges faced by LIS professionals in the contemporary era, create awareness about users’ expectations from the library in technology driven society, acquaint the participant with information and knowledge management in the present era and develop an understanding about technology based quality library services.

Seminar began with the prayer for the successful completion of the seminar. Principal Dr. F.S. Waris in her Welcome address said that now a day’s functioning of every sector has been changed due to the information technology explosion. She said to keep abreast with this new change librarians need to learn and use new technology for their day to day functioning to give better service to their users. Further she mentioned difference between traditional and modern libraries.

Dr. Vivek Patkar in his key note address explains how the nature of society changed from agricultural society to wisdom society. He further added Significant changes in the economy affecting the society and library.
The seminar was divided in four sessions, three conducted by resource persons and last session was panel discussion.
Dr. Medha Joshi, Head Dept of Lib Sci. Tata Memorial Hospital, while speaking on ‘Future of librarianship’ said that the library is no longer a warehouse for dead books. Just in time for the information economy, the library ought to be the local nerve center for information. Further she discusses the difference between traditional and modern library services. She discussed future of libraries and librarians in terms of infrastructure, services and user requirement.

Dr. Pratibha Gokhale, (Retd.) Head, Dept. of Library Information Science and I/C Librarian University of Mumbai, Spoke on Innovative Services: Tools and Techniques. She elaborated evolution of knowledge society in connection to information environment and discussed the growth of e-resources. Further she explains how libraries should work to give better services to their users.

Ms. Lata Nair, Librarian Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited, spoke on Information and knowledge Management. This was post lunch session, this session was activity based session; she talked about success stories in knowledge management. Further she explained the functioning of IL&FS library. Through these activities she made participants to find out their own expertise in the profession.

Dr. Parul Zaveri, Associate Professor Library and Information Science at SHPT School of Library Science, SNDT Women's University, Mumbai, chaired the panel discussion on the topic ‘Librarians and End Users’. She elaborates how the nature of libraries and user behavior changed due to the technological evolution. She managed time management accurately and gave her valuable inputs precisely and made the session interactive. She said Library systems and content must be prepared for changing user behaviors further she mentioned profession is always defined by change.

Mrs. Arati Desai Librarian and Documentation Officer Nehru Centre, Mumbai, while speaking about ‘changing profile of library professionals and readers’ she said the major issue was library disuse, she also mentioned reasons for that like no updating of knowledge, lack of innovation and changing needs of users. Further she explained strategies to achieve maximum use of library.
Mrs. Pradnya Bhosekar, Librarian, Smt. Surajaba College of Education spoke about ‘Library Professionals & End User’. She elaborates transition in user and usage and user expectations from the contemporary library. She said librarians need to be more proactive about providing the library services; they should have responsive, empathetic approach towards users of the library. Further she said all above this human relations or human touch is very important while dealing with library users.

Ms. Jyoti Bhabal, Asst. Professor, SHPT School of Library Science, SNDT Women’s University, spoke on ‘Library Services for Professional Development of the Teachers’. She said understanding user was very important in the contemporary era. Her main focus was on teachers, she explained why and what type of information teachers required and how the librarian could help them to get the required information.
Mrs. Sujata Rajpurkar read out the reports of technical sessions and presented vote of thanks.

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