Burhani College like every year celebrated Republic Day  by  inviting a senior Staff Member Mrs. Qamar Merchant (due to retire this year) to unfurl  the national flag. The flag-hoisting ceremony was attended by Burhani Management committee members Shk. Yusufbhai Dahodwala,Shk. Salehbhai Shakir, Shk.Abuzar Zakir and Shk.Shoebbhai Currim. To make theRepublic Day more meaningful, college  had   adopted a socio-politically relevant theme ‘Protection for Women’

  • Shk.Dahodwala praised the efforts of the College towards 'creating a gender just society where every woman feels safe and well protected as it is in sync with the sayings of Prophet Mohammad ( P,B.U.H) & guidelines of His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S). Mr.Abuzar Zakir fully endorsed the theme & urged students to 'respect women and ensure safety for all.'
  • Principal Dr.(Mrs) F.S.Waris reiterated the theme by speaking about ‘a gender just world in which the youth will have to be the catalyst for change. It was heartening to see people from across the spectrum break their silence and shed their apathy towards the biggest and most pervasive war in the world – violence against women and girls. We have to change the mindset that leads to violence, which considers women as bodies, commodities, targets? Changing this mindset is a Herculean task & only the educated youth of today can do it most effectively.’
  • Vice Principal Prof. Piyush Shah led a team of young male Professors & student leaders to take a documented Pledge to work for the ‘equality, dignity and respect for all women individually and collectively.’
  • Head Prof.Suneeta Bajaj emphasized on the need to ‘change the mindset which considers women as a Commodity and Media with the help of youth can definitely help in changing peoples thinking. Without this ‘inner’ change, nothing will change. If we want true equality between men and women, then we need nothing less than a cultural revolution.’
  • The flag-hoisting ceremony was followed by the most eagerly-awaited Annual Prize- distribution function which was held in the College auditorium, 6th floor.
  • The Chief Guest for the award function was young & dynamic Asst.Commissioner of Income Tax,Ms.Shabana Perveen. Ms. Perveen's presence and sincere words to the students were well received and they   will definitely become a source of motivation for them. She clearly stressed that ' focus, hard work & perseverance pay rich dividends in Career Building. Religion/Caste/Color cannot make or mar anybody's career opportunities and we should not use these excuses for not being able to achieve our goals.
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