The Students Council is a two tiered body where the Core Council is nominated on merit as per the University of Mumbai guidelines.  The Core Council consist of 30 members and the main responsibility of Core Council is to liaison between the staff and the students and also to create better equations amongst different student groups.   The Outer Council members are selected on the basis of their performance, leadership qualities and public relations.  They organize and participate in both intra and inter collegiate level programs all through the year.  Burhani students’ council also helps in administrative responsibilities like admission process and maintaining discipline in the college.  The concept of age and seniority is respected but there is no prevalence of ragging in the campus.

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

The Students’ Council conducts a wide spectrum of activities through the various associations. The following is a list of the associations:

1) FATEMI HERITAGE & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION: Conducts sabak sessions twice a week for the Dawoodi Bohra students of the college. They also organize cultural functions to celebrate important occasions.

2) ARABIC AND ISLAMIC STUDIES ASSOCIATION: It conducts programmes on the subject by holding various competitions.

3) BAZM-E-URDU: Organizes poetic renditions and seminars.  They have inspired students of a literary bent of mind to greater heights.

4) COMMERCE ASSOCIATION: Invites renowned personalities in the field of commerce and industry to have interactive sessions and debates on the burning issues pertaining to the subject.

5) ECONOMIC AND PLANNING FORUM: Organizes thought provoking sessions to enlighten the students about the global economic scenario.

6) ENGLISH LITERARY ASSOCIATION: Set up for providing the students, a platform for displaying their creative talents.  Also encourages them to widen their horizon through reading and discussing the works of various writers.

7) NATURE CLUB : A fitting platform for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers to come together to explore the mysteries of nature.

8)  HINDI  SAHITYA  PARISHAD : Organizes essays and quiz competitions regularly.  It popularizes Hindi language and literature.

9) WALL PAPER: Encourages students to express themselves and their thoughts in prose, poem & art.

10) HIKERS’ CLUB: This Club is associated with the Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Mumbai University.  Treks and Camps are conducted regularly.

11) ACCOUNTANCY ASSOCIATION: Holds exhibitions seminars and lectures related to the subject.

12) PARIVARTAN : ‘Need for Change’ is a study circle conducted by the members of the Students Council wherein issues of socio-economic relevance are discussed and debated.  Parivartan members have worked sincerely for causes like communal harmony, gender justice and raised a united voice against ‘violence’ of any kind.

13) WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT CELL (W.D.C.) : Creates gender awareness amongst girls, encourages them to work towards economic empowerment, self reliance and fight gender discrimination.  WDC performs a dual function of enlightening and empowering the girl students and gender sensitization for the boys.  W.D.C. holds lectures, interactive workshops arranges films and discussions as a part of their development programme.

14) HISTORY ASSOCIATION : Students are provided with a forum to explore the relevance of historical events in today’s time.Screening of historical films, visit to historical places.

15) EVS FORUM: Various activities are conducted to create an awareness about the importance of preserving our environment.

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