The college has a well-stacked library and separate spacious reading rooms for boys and girls.  The library has a collection of over 30,000 books pertaining to the course of studies and also of general interests.  The library also subscribes to numerous magazines and journals of repute.

The following facilities are provided to the students:

  1. Reading Room : Separate reading rooms for boys on 5th floor and girls on 4th floor with a seating capacity of 100 students each. Students can refer to books, magazines, news papers, etc. by presenting their identity card at the library counter.  Students are not allowed to take such materials out of the library reading room.
  2. Home issue : Home issue cards will be provided to the students, which will entitle them to borrow one book at a time for 7 days, subject to renewal. A Junior college student has to make a refundable deposit of Rs. 150/- if he/she wants to borrow books from the library.  
  3. Book Bank : The Book bank scheme is available for the economically challenged and  deserving students. These students will be provided with a set of text books for the current academic year. Students who wish to use this facility must fill up a prescribed form and pay the  refundable deposit as under Degree College – Rs500/- for 4 books & Rs700/- for 6 books A nominal amount of Rs100/- is deducted to take care of wear and tear as well as replacement of books due to changes in the syllabi. The books have to be returned immediately after the end of the final examination.
  4. Intra loan facility : The library has intra-loan from BES’S Institute of Mgt.Studies & Research Centre.
  5. Smilogram holder : Smilogram card holders get the privilege of borrowing one extra book from the library.
  6. O P A C : ‘Online Public Access Catalogue ’ of books in the library for students and teachers.  
  7. Internet : Separate computers with internet access are available for boys and girls.  Students are allowed to use the internet for educational purposes only at a nominal charge of Rs. 20/- per hour.


All working days : 7 : 00 a.m. to 5 : 00 p.m.



  1. Silence and discipline are a must.
  2. A student who takes a reference book, or any other book /material out of the library, which has not been issued on the home issue card, will be fined and will not be issued books in the future.
  3. It is forbidden to mark/underline the pages of the library books with pencil/ink or mutilate them in any manner.  The reader to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible unless he/she brings it to the notice of the library staff before borrowing the book.
  4. Students must follow all library rules, regulations and instructions, displayed on the library notice boards.
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