The Students Council is a two tiered body where the Core Council is nominated on merit as per the University of Mumbai guidelines.  The Core Council consist of 30 members and the main responsibility of Core Council is to liaison between the staff and the students and also to create better equations amongst different student groups.   The Outer Council members are selected on the basis of their performance, leadership qualities and public relations.  They organize and participate in both intra and inter collegiate level programs all through the year.  Burhani students’ council also helps in administrative responsibilities like admission process and maintaining discipline in the college.  The concept of age and seniority is respected but there is no prevalence of ragging in the campus.

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

The Students’ Council conducts a wide spectrum of activities through the various associations. The following is a list of the associations:

1) FATEMI HERITAGE & CULTURAL ASSOCIATION: Conducts sabak sessions twice a week for the Dawoodi Bohra students of the college. They also organize cultural functions to celebrate important occasions.

2) ARABIC AND ISLAMIC STUDIES ASSOCIATION: It conducts programmes on the subject by holding various competitions.

3) BAZM-E-URDU: Organizes poetic renditions and seminars.  They have inspired students of a literary bent of mind to greater heights.

4) COMMERCE ASSOCIATION: Invites renowned personalities in the field of commerce and industry to have interactive sessions and debates on the burning issues pertaining to the subject.

5) ECONOMIC AND PLANNING FORUM: Organizes thought provoking sessions to enlighten the students about the global economic scenario.

6) ENGLISH LITERARY ASSOCIATION: Set up for providing the students, a platform for displaying their creative talents.  Also encourages them to widen their horizon through reading and discussing the works of various writers.

7) NATURE CLUB : A fitting platform for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers to come together to explore the mysteries of nature.

8)  HINDI  SAHITYA  PARISHAD : Organizes essays and quiz competitions regularly.  It popularizes Hindi language and literature.

9) WALL PAPER: Encourages students to express themselves and their thoughts in prose, poem & art.

10) HIKERS’ CLUB: This Club is associated with the Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Mumbai University.  Treks and Camps are conducted regularly.

11) ACCOUNTANCY ASSOCIATION: Holds exhibitions seminars and lectures related to the subject.

12) PARIVARTAN : ‘Need for Change’ is a study circle conducted by the members of the Students Council wherein issues of socio-economic relevance are discussed and debated.  Parivartan members have worked sincerely for causes like communal harmony, gender justice and raised a united voice against ‘violence’ of any kind.

13) WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT CELL (W.D.C.) : Creates gender awareness amongst girls, encourages them to work towards economic empowerment, self reliance and fight gender discrimination.  WDC performs a dual function of enlightening and empowering the girl students and gender sensitization for the boys.  W.D.C. holds lectures, interactive workshops arranges films and discussions as a part of their development programme.

14) HISTORY ASSOCIATION : Students are provided with a forum to explore the relevance of historical events in today’s time.Screening of historical films, visit to historical places.

15) EVS FORUM: Various activities are conducted to create an awareness about the importance of preserving our environment.



The college has a well-stacked library and separate spacious reading rooms for boys and girls.  The library has a collection of over 30,000 books pertaining to the course of studies and also of general interests.  The library also subscribes to numerous magazines and journals of repute.

The following facilities are provided to the students:

  1. Reading Room : Separate reading rooms for boys on 5th floor and girls on 4th floor with a seating capacity of 100 students each. Students can refer to books, magazines, news papers, etc. by presenting their identity card at the library counter.  Students are not allowed to take such materials out of the library reading room.
  2. Home issue : Home issue cards will be provided to the students, which will entitle them to borrow one book at a time for 7 days, subject to renewal. A Junior college student has to make a refundable deposit of Rs. 150/- if he/she wants to borrow books from the library.  
  3. Book Bank : The Book bank scheme is available for the economically challenged and  deserving students. These students will be provided with a set of text books for the current academic year. Students who wish to use this facility must fill up a prescribed form and pay the  refundable deposit as under Degree College – Rs500/- for 4 books & Rs700/- for 6 books A nominal amount of Rs100/- is deducted to take care of wear and tear as well as replacement of books due to changes in the syllabi. The books have to be returned immediately after the end of the final examination.
  4. Intra loan facility : The library has intra-loan from BES’S Institute of Mgt.Studies & Research Centre.
  5. Smilogram holder : Smilogram card holders get the privilege of borrowing one extra book from the library.
  6. O P A C : ‘Online Public Access Catalogue ’ of books in the library for students and teachers.  
  7. Internet : Separate computers with internet access are available for boys and girls.  Students are allowed to use the internet for educational purposes only at a nominal charge of Rs. 20/- per hour.


All working days : 7 : 00 a.m. to 5 : 00 p.m.



  1. Silence and discipline are a must.
  2. A student who takes a reference book, or any other book /material out of the library, which has not been issued on the home issue card, will be fined and will not be issued books in the future.
  3. It is forbidden to mark/underline the pages of the library books with pencil/ink or mutilate them in any manner.  The reader to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible unless he/she brings it to the notice of the library staff before borrowing the book.
  4. Students must follow all library rules, regulations and instructions, displayed on the library notice boards.




  1. When a student is admitted to the Junior College (XI or XII) he/she is required to submit his/her original school/college leaving certificate (L.C.).  This L.C. will be retained by the college permanently. The student  will be given (on application in the prescribed form with supporting papers) a college L.C., on his/her leaving the college.
  2. A student who has not completed his full studies in Junior college and yet takes an L.C. will not be permitted to take re-admission or appear for an examination (FYJC or SYJC as the case may be) even as an ex-student.  
  3. L.C.’s are issued on the basis of Junior college record only.  No change is permitted in the records of name, place of birth & date of birth etc. These records from the school L.C. will be replicated in the college L.C.  as an when issued.
  4. An N.O.C. is issued as a temporary measure when a student wishes to leave the Degree College and join any other college/institute/university.  A student of Degree college may join this college even after taking an N.O.C., in case he/she changes his/her mind later.



  1. A Junior college students desiring to migrate to the jurisdiction of an outside board will first claim his college LC, approach (through the college), office of the Dy. Director / Divl. Secretary, HSC Board as the case may be and obtain the MIGRATION CERTIFICATE (M.C.)
  2. A Degree College student who wishes to join another college / University /institution that owes its affiliation to a University other than the University of Mumbai, needs a Migration certificate, as well as a T.C.( Transfer Certificate).
  3. The Migration certificate is issued by the Eligibility and Migration Department of the University of Mumbai, (Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan Kalina, Campus, Santacruz (E), Mumbai-98) on submission of Transfer Certificate (in duplicate) issued by the college.  To obtain these T.Cs, a student must submit Univ. M.C. appl. form duly filled and signed along with its photocopy & copies of L.C. Marksheet/s as required and pay T.C. fees.  Thereafter, the college will issue 2 T.Cs in favour of Mumbai University.
  4. A Degree College student who wishes to join another college / University /institution that owes its affiliation to a University other than the University of Mumbai needs a Migration certificate, as well as a T.C.
  5. T.C. fees.  Thereafter, the college will issue 2 T.Cs in favor of Mumbai University.



A Junior College student, who desires to go abroad for further studies on temporary / permanent migration, may require this document besides their qualification certificates.  Prescribed Forms, supporting documents and fees are to be submitted to the college office, on receipt and scrutiny of which, the college will issue a copy of the ‘Transcript’ (sealed/open) to the student.  Copies of course/s syllabi if required may be obtained from the H.S.C. Board’s office at Vashi, Navi Mumbai or Mumbai University, Fort Campus, as the case may be.



  1. All  bonafide  students of the college will be issued a college ID card for each academic year.
  2. Students will not be allowed to enter the college premises without a valid ID of this college.
  3. In case a student loses his/her ID card during its period of validity, a duplicate ID card can be obtained on payment of a prescribed fee; pending issue of a duplicate ID, a temporary ID card will be issued.
  4. College ID is not transferable.
  5. Students must display their ID cards at all times in the college failing which they are liable to be fined. A fine of Rs. 100/- for the first offence, Rs.200/- for the second offence and disciplinary action for the third time which could be suspension or cancellation of admission.
  6. ID cards are bar-coded and swiped in the classrooms to mark the attendance electronically along with the manual attendance system.                


College Communication System (CCS):

  1. All instructions in respect of curriculum, free ships, scholarships, sports, extracurricular activities, examination, results and matters that concern the students directly or indirectly are duly displayed on the college notice boards & LCD monitor on Ground Floor.  All students must therefore keep themselves in touch with the information displayed on the college notice board/s & LCD Monitor.
  2. Notice board/s & LCD Monitor will be deemed as a fully sufficient means of communicating all important information to the students and non-compliance with the instructions stated therein shall render the student liable for disciplinary action and any kind of loss/consequences for which he/she will be solely responsible.
  3. Details of Class, Division, Roll Number and Academic Year must be mentioned invariably in any correspondence with the college.  Identity card/s for all classes must be preserved carefully as a permanent record for a quick reference even after the student leaves the college.  Also, examination hall ticket/s with attested photo is to be preserved permanently.  All important documents such as mark sheet, passing certificate etc. must be collected from the college offices as soon as notified.  The office shall not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage to a document, if not collected by the student within a period of three months from the date of notification.





The computer lab. is well equipped with 30 personal computers & good internet connectivity.

S.Y.B.Com/T.Y.B.Com students may offer computer programming (CP) / computer system and application (CSA) respectively as an applied component group subject if they desire.  They are allowed to use the computer lab. facilities for their practical and project work.  Allotment of CP/CSA as an optional subject for the S.Y.B.Com/T.Y.B.Com respectively will be on merit and on a first come first served basis.



The college has two fully equipped, air-conditioned multimedia rooms with computers and internet access, LCD projector, screen, overhead projector, slide projector, DVD player, Web Cam, Digi-Cam. sound system etc. The Multimedia rooms have a comfortable seating capacity of 75 and 150 respectively.


The college has a fully equipped air conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of about 300 on the 6th floor. The auditorium has a good sound system, computer system, internet connection, LCD projector & a screen.



  1. The campus has a gymkhana for indoor games such as Table-Tennis, Chess and Carom.
  2. The college appoints coaches to train the students in volley ball, foot ball, basket ball and cricket. Grounds for these activities are taken on lease by the college.
  3. The college conducts the prestigious ‘Al-Burhan inter-collegiate volley ball tournament every year in which leading colleges participate.
  4. The college holds an Annual Sports Day.



  1. The college has a modern canteen serving healthy and delicious snacks and soft drinks at subsidized rates.
  2. In any matter pertaining to Admission, Attendance, Academic and Extracurricular performance, Discipline, Exams and Declaration of the exam result of the student, the discretion of the college Principal and the Management shall be final and wholly binding on the student.
  3. Students are required to meet their guardian Teachers on a weekly basis.  A slot in the time table is specially created for such meetings. The Guardian teacher will assist the student in all matters pertaining to personal problems, discipline, attendance & studies.  Students are advised to seek the help of their guardian teacher for any issues.     
  4. Counseling:  College has provided a counselor to cater in the needs of the subjects. They are advised to seek his assistance    for any personal issues.

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