A student seeking admission to the first year of Degree College in commerce/arts should have passed the H.S.C. or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board/University and is found to be eligible for the same by the University Of Mumbai.

For admission to the second year of Degree College an internal student should have passed/A.T.K.T. at the F.Y./B.COM/BA/BMS/BMM examination.

A student from another University of Board of Secondary or intermediate Education or any other statutory examining body seeking admission to this University shall apply to the Registrar of University of Mumbai for a certificate of Eligibility.

Such students will be admitted to the deemed class only if they have obtained the Provisional Certificate of Eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai for that class. For final confirmation of Eligibility students should submit the following certificates in original, along with Xerox copies of :

1.    Original Mark Sheet.

2.    Original Passing Certificate.

3.    Original Migration Certificate.

For seeking admission to the third year of Degree college an internal student should have passed/A.T.K.T. at the S.Y./B.COM/BA/BMS/BMM examination

A student can have only two A.T.K.T.s at for admission to higher class.  i.e. a student having uncleared A.T.K.T. at both, F.Y. & S.Y. classes is not eligible for admission to the third year class.

For all the three Degree Classes- FY/SY/TY, students falling under “eligibility cases” will have to produce the “Provisional Statement of eligibility” from the University of Mumbai (eligibility section, DR. Ambedkar Bhavan Building, Ground Floor, Kalina Campus, Mumbai)



A student passing the H.S.C. examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education and eligible for admission to the First Year B.Com class shall apply to the Registrar of Mumbai University for a Certificate of enrolment through the college.
Application forms for enrolment (auto generated after admission ) or otherwise, along with the statement of H.S.C. marks, copies thereof and necessary fees are to be submitted during admission.


Students seeking admission to this college are required to apply in the original prescribed form only. The student must affix his/her recent photograph on the admission form.

Application for admission and application form for enrollment along with statement of H.S.C. marks and copies thereof and three copies of a recent passport size photograph are to be given for checking and verification to the office staff before payment of fees.

Incomplete forms and / or forms without proper documents will not be accepted.


•    Admission granted to a student in any class in this college shall be for that particular term only.

•    A student admitted to one class shall not get automatic admission to the next higher class, term after term or year after year.

•    Admission to a higher class in the subsequent year shall be at the discretion of the Principal.

•    Each student has to apply for fresh admission every year and there is no policy of reservation for the existing students.

•    Students with inadequate attendance and with poor performance in the semester or caught for misconduct/using unfair means at the examinations will not be re-admitted.

•    Admission to this college is subject to the Rules and Regulations mentioned in this prospectus and that of the University of Mumbai.

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