Dear Students,

I am happy to welcome you to a new academic term
which you have been awarded as a result of your own efforts and hard work, congratulations to you all. I am further delighted with your choice of college, as Burhani College has become a reputable name in the education sector over the years as one whose faculty and staff are committed to bring quality education to the society. Our results both at the Board and University levels have been showing an upward graph in merit. Many of our students have progressed and moved on to various tertiary institutions and careers batch after batch. Burhani College is pitted to grow and develop further in the areas of curriculum innovations, leadership and entrepreneurship along with other spheres of academic growth with a renewed zeal.

We realize that the learners today are different from learners in the past as your generation has greater anxieties, greater aspirations to be able to match up global standards. World seems to have become flatter as the students are expected to keep pace with new and fresh challenges on regular-routine basis as a success mantra.

Burhani College facilitates this process of ‘students’ growth’ in multiple ways. More than loading your young minds with rhetorical theory, we teach you to think, provide soft skills essential for an all round personality development with a strong emphasis on the right values. Simultaneously, the students will have to go through the rigors of syllabus completion, assignment submissions, tests and Exams. Burhani College has several committees and associations through which various Projects are undertaken such as ‘love for environment, peace building, gender equality, entrepreneurial practices and community service’, with teacher-student collaboration.  


We are with our students at every level of their strife for growth as we encourage them to learn the life skills of communication, creativity, teamwork and time management with the spirit of an entrepreneur. With these objectives in mind, we envision our Graduates as ‘people who will turn challenges into opportunities’.

We do hope that you, our dear students, will enjoy learning and will maximize your growth potential, discover your talents, polish your skills and reach great heights of success,

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